Commodity price support from fundamentals ahead

Prices of most commodities were under pressure over the last three months, with strong declines in base metals markets.  The main factors for base metals price pressure were non-fundamental factors such as the trade [...]

Mid Year Review – Aluminium Market

Mid Year Review - Aluminium Market: Although fundamentals appear to be solid, uncertainty remains elevated on US economic policy, dollar volatility and China macro-economics.  

ESEF | Trade fair for the manufacturing industry

The ESEF is the largest and most important exhibition in the Benelux area in the field of supply, outsourcing, product development and engineering. Once every two years companies have the opportunity to meet new contacts [...]

Market Development January 2017

Market sentiment The positive sentiment for stainless steel prices continues in the first half of 2017. With an expected growth of 3,4%, the prospect for the global economy is optimistic. In this first month [...]

Stainless Steel base prices to increase in July

One of Europe’s largest manufacturers of stainless steel recently announced to increase the stainless steel base price starting from July due to the current market conditions. It is expected that stainless steel prices will rise [...]

Recovery of stainless steel prices in sight?

After months of declining stainless steel prices, the end appears to be in sight. Last month Outokompu said they do not expect a recovery in the stainless steel market on short notice, however, the tide seems [...]

Aluminum: 10 Little known facts

Aluminum is known as light, strong, non-magnetic and corrosion resistant. But did you alo know it was once known as the ‘Metal of Kings’ during the mid-19th century? I will describe more little known facts [...]

The forecast for metals is looking bright…

Cloudy with a chance of prosperity Base metals: Growing potential ABN AMRO has shared their metal forecast for 2015 and 2016. According to the predictions of ABN AMRO the Base metals has a lot of growing potential in [...]

What to Expect for Nickel & Stainless Steel 2015

An overview and a possible game changer…   Looking back on Nickel & Stainless Steel 2014 As usual stainless steel activity was up and down in 2014. The major components behind this being first and foremost, Nickel’s [...]