Aluminium Sheets & Plates

Hego offers a wide range of aluminium sheets and plates. Please find the available qualities, finishes, sizes and thicknesses in the below table.
In addition we also supply made to measure sheets and plates. We cut sheets in every possible size at our in-house service centre. Please call or e-mail us for the possibilities or request a quote.

ENAW DIN Condition Products
1050 Al99.5 H12 / H24 Plates, Coils
2007 AlCu4PbMgMn T3 / T4 Bars
2011 AlCu6BiPb T4 / T6 / T8 Bars
2017 AlCu4MgSi T451 Plates
2017A AlCu4MgSi(A) T3 / T4 Bars
5005 AlMg1 H14 / H24 Plates, Coils
5083 AlMg4.5Mn O/H111 / H321 Plates
5251 AlMg2Mn0.3 H12 / H22 Plates
5754 AlMg3 O/H111 / H114 / H12 / H22 Plates, Tear plates, Coils
6060 AlMgSi0.5 T6 / T66 Profiles, Bars, Tubes
6082 AlMgSi1 T651 / T6 Plates, Bars
7075 AlZnMgCu1.5 T651 / T6 Plates, Bars

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