2nd choice stainless steel

What is 2nd choice stainless steel?
2nd choice stainless steel (also known as declassified), is always produced as prime but can be downgraded for a variety of reasons. Some reasons may be that the material has a dent or could have a scratch. The material may have been in the factory for too long or might not have certificates. We buy this material in large quantities and as a consequence can offer the material to you with attractive pricing offers. It also occurs that stainless steel factories have over production material. HEGO buys this material in large quantities. As a consequence we are able to offer this material to you with attractive discounts. From our experience we can say that 2nd choice stainless steel from over production can be optically identical to prime.

Why 2nd choice?
The main advantage of second choice stainless steel is the lower price. If you compare it with prime, 2nd choice comes at a nice discount. At HEGO we always guide our clients when they purchase from our assortment. The advice we give is based on how our clients intend to use the 2nd choice material. Whether you intend to use it for building exteriors, automobile components or for chemical processing, to name a few. We walk you through your options so that you get the most out of the material.

In some instances, clients may want to use 2nd choice stainless steel for exterior applications where the material will be in open sight. In cases similar to this, we advice our clients to make use of our polishing service to make the material more aesthetically pleasing. With over 36 years of experience selling prime and 2nd choice items, we have been able to accommodate to the needs of hundreds of clients all over the globe. Please contact our sales professionals for a price quote.

Our 2nd choice offers
Our second choice assortment consists of sheets, coils and slit coils. We have a continuous offer available in stock in a wide range of sizes, thicknesses and finishes. For a complete overview, please check our stock online tool. If you select 2nd in the quality box, the system will show our current offer.
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2nd choice: the main advantages
– Identical chemical composition
– In line with mechanical requirements
– Great value for money

2e keus coils - HEGO Stainless Steel & Aluminium
2e keus rvs stellingen - HEGO Stainless Steel & Aluminium
2e keus platen - HEGO Stainless Steel & Aluminium

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